Write for us!

Identity Theft Manifesto (IDTM) is finally open to accepting guest posts/articles!

Thank you for your interest in contributing to IDTM, an online ID theft magazine/personal blog, source of information related to identity theft and related crimes.

Becoming a guest writer/contributor to IDTM is a very prudent decision.  Why? You may ask.  It is simple: Identity Theft Manifesto is growing and expanding its reach fast and is becoming a great resource for a very broad audience.

Top 5 Benefits of writing for Identity Theft Manifesto

  1. Establish yourself as an expert and build a new audience.
  2. Gain credibility and status by aligning yourself with Identity Theft Manifesto.
  3. Your articles/posts will be seen by many visitors interested in learning about Identity Theft and related crimes.
  4. You get traffic you may not have had otherwise!  Search engines love fresh content and, since IDTM has already positioned itself as a resource, there will be some healthy amount of traffic to your site.
  5. I must shamelessly admit that I am really cool to work with!

Writing and Submission Guidelines

  • All articles/posts must be relevant and timely.
  • Must be original work and can’t be published anywhere else.  Once an article/post is published, it must remain exclusive to Identity Theft Manifesto.
  • Content should be informative and engaging with new ideas and opinions.  It should not be rehashed information.  Create something new to keep readers interested.
  • Keep posts between 500 to 1000 words in length.
  • Check your grammar and spelling!
  • Create a catchy headline.
  • Write for people, but keep Search Engines in mind as well.
  • Include a short Bio with a your headshot (if you wish) and a link to your website, which will be published at the bottom of an article.
  • No affiliate links are allowed.
  • You may include 2-3 relevant appropriate links in the body of an article.  All links will be checked before being published.
  • Submit photos (please provide permissions and/or attributions to use the images) to go along with an article/post.  If no photo is provided, IDTM will use a generic image.
  • Your articles cannot be promotional or self-serving.  Educate, not sell!
  • You’re not getting paid by a third party to advertise their website through your article in any shape or form.
  • All articles must be “print” ready: formatted, edited, crosschecked, etc.   IDTM may make a few minor changes and corrections with your permission.

Ideas for topics for Identity Theft Manifesto

  • Write about Identity Theft, identity theft prevention, credit card fraud, data breaches, privacy, scams, online threats, malware and anything related.  Sent your proposal for a review if you are not sure if the topic you want to write about is suitable for IDTM.
  • Write about a research you conducted relating to ID theft and related topics.
  • Write a “How-to” article.
  • Write about Identity Theft prevention techniques and strategies.

To submit your article, use the form below.  You can copy and paste the text into the body of an email or simply attach the document in word format along with the images and other visual aids.

Unfortunately, at this time IDTM is not providing any monetary compensation to its Guest Writers/Contributors; however, this may be changed in the future.

I am looking forward to publishing your article and building a long-term relationship with you!

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