What’s in Your Wallet?-Identity Theft Prevention Tip

Give me a favor!  Get your wallet out and answer this question:  What is in your wallet?  Do you have a few credit cards, debit cards, check book, Insurance card, etc? You are the only one who can answer this question.

A lot of people become victims of identity theft after their wallets have been stolen.  The contents of your wallet are highly desirable by identity thieves.  The fewer items you carry in your wallet, the easier it will be for you to deal with the aftermath of theft, should it ever happen to you.

What you should NOT carry in your wallet.

  • Social Security Card.  Your Social Security Number is the key to your Identity.  So keep it in a secure place and only carry it with you when needed.
  • PINs and Passwords.  Don’t write down your PINs and/or passwords for bank accounts, credit and debit cards and then carry them in your wallet.  Memorize them instead!
  • Any cards that have your SSN printed on them.  If you still have your Insurance card with your SSN listed as your member ID, contact your insurance carrier and let them know to issue a new ID number to you that is not your SSN.  Same goes for Driver’s License, Student ID card, military cards, etc.
  • Medicare card.  Your Medicare Claim Number is actually your SSN.  It is what it is as of right now.  Leave it at home and only have it with you when you are going for a doctor/hospital visit.
  • Checkbook.  I used to have this huge wallet that could fit my checkbook into.  I see a lot of women still owning those kinds of wallets and still carrying those checkbooks!  I suggest leaving your checkbook at home; only carry it when you are planning to go shopping.  Even then, just have a couple of blank checks with you.
  • Deposit slips and receipts.  I have to confess-I have one too many receipts in my wallet! One of my best friends gets a little bit uptight when she sees all of those receipts.  For her own reasons… Because she is a neat freak… But regardless, the deposit slips and receipts have too much sensitive information on them.
  • Too many credit cards.  Ideally, you should carry one debit card and one credit card.  That’s all you need.  Leave the rest at home.

Are you carrying to many items in your wallet?  Leave a comment.

About the Author

Lana is a real life Identity Theft Victim. Identity Theft Manifesto is a result of her own struggles to clear her credit, her name and reputation. She is on the mission to research, learn more and educate her readers about ID Theft Crime.