What is Malware?

Malware is short for “malicious software” and is used as a general term to refer to any program, software, code that is designed to harm computers/computer users; hence, viruses, worms, spyware, Trojan Horses, etc.

Malware is installed on the computer without its user’s knowledge by clicking on malicious links, downloading email attachments, visiting a malicious site, downloading free movies, games, software, ringtones, screen savers, etc. (continue reading after the video)

Malware is usually created to gain an unauthorized access to a computer, turn a computer into a Zombie and make it a part of a Botnet, steal computer users’ sensitive information, destroy an operation system, delete files, snoop, etc.

The rumor has it that the criminal organizations are the ones who hire the malware writer to create these programs for one and only reason-steal money.

Brad Meltzer’s TV show “Decoded” on the History Channel investigated cyber mafia. A very informative episode “Mafia: Alive?” explores identity theft, scams and related crimes. I tried to find it in the archives, but was unable to do it. You can get it on Amazon.

Here are some great articles about malware:




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Lana is a real life Identity Theft Victim. Identity Theft Manifesto is a result of her own struggles to clear her credit, her name and reputation. She is on the mission to research, learn more and educate her readers about ID Theft Crime.