Identity Theft Prevention Tip: Get Your FREE Credit Report

One of the simplest strategies to protect your name and detect identity theft is to regularly review your credit report.

Not only will you be able to spot the early signs of identity theft, but also you will be able to analyze your overall financial health.

You are entitled to receive a FREE copy of your credit report from each major consumer reporting agency once every 12 months.  Instead of getting all of them at once, get one from Equifax; then, 3 months later get one from Experian; then, another copy from TransUnion in 3 more months; and last but not least, get a copy from Innovis.  You will have to contact Innovis directly.  Continue with this cycle and you will be able to monitor your credit history consistently.

To order your FREE credit reports, go to  This website is sponsored by Equifax, TransUnion and Experian.

Learn about more ways to get your free credit report in one of my previous articles.

So, when was the last time you ordered your free credit report?  Leave a comment below.

About the Author

Lana is a real life Identity Theft Victim. Identity Theft Manifesto is a result of her own struggles to clear her credit, her name and reputation. She is on the mission to research, learn more and educate her readers about ID Theft Crime.