Corporate Sponsors

In order to continue the unique and invaluable public service by Identity Theft Manifesto and continue to engage the widest audience possible, Identity Theft Manifesto depends on sponsorships from the corporations in the private and public sectors.  By sponsoring Identity Theft Manifesto, your company will secure on-going exposure throughout the US.

Corporate Sponsorship is not a donation nor is it an advertisement, but rather a form of marketing designed to reach a niche market and enhance relationships with the organization’s key stakeholders.

  • Corporate Sponsorship allows your organization to build and strengthen its brand and reputation through effective visibility.
  • Aligning your organization with Identity Theft Manifesto is an excellent opportunity to utilize this powerful marketing tool.
  • Corporate Sponsorship of Identity Theft Manifesto also would allow your organization to profile and align itself as a leader and a supporter of the identity theft prevention education gaining invaluable credibility.
  • This Sponsorship will allow you to create new business opportunities and reach a wider target market.

Some of the Sponsor Benefits


    • Exposure to a wide-range of groups at local and national levels.
    • Business Associations.
    • Regular PR coverage across all formats of local and nationwide media.
    • Your organization logo can appear on promotional brochures, programs, products and handouts.
    • Inclusion in the newsletter.

Brand Positioning:

    • Improve and enhance your organizations image and reputation.
    • Position your organization as the one that cares.
    • Showcase community/social responsibility.
    • Create positive publicity and visibility.
    • Differentiate from your organization’s competitors.

Driving Sales:

  • Sponsorship is a great sales generating tool.
  • By sponsoring Identity Theft awareness education and being a “good citizen”, not selling, potential clients will be encouraged to sample and buy your organization’s products and services.

Your Sponsorship will allow Identity Theft Manifesto achieve the following goals including but not limited to:

  • Identity Theft Manifesto will be able to provide Identity Theft Awareness webinars, workshops and seminars in order to educate the consumers and businesses about Identity Theft and its Prevention.
  • Identity Theft Manifesto will be able to create a professionally crafted educational web series about Identity Theft and its Prevention.
  • Identity Theft Manifesto will be able to create various materials about Identity Theft, such as brochures, handouts, booklets, charts, reports, etc.
  • Identity Theft Manifesto will be able to hire effective writers and content creators.
  • Identity Theft Manifesto will be able to develop and implement an aggressive marketing and PR campaign, which will promote not only Identity Theft Manifesto, but also its Sponsors.

If you would like to learn more, please complete and submit our Corporate Sponsor online form below.